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Anonymous: We are friends on facebook, youre super cutee (; Ahh , and you have an australian accent <3 Im from usa btww !

I have a kiwi accent :b

Anonymous: you're really fucking cute.

Thank you

Anonymous: Your jizz material.js <3


Anonymous: Get your booty on so I can send a photo to you of my boobs :) <3

I’m online :b

Anonymous: how tall are you? ((:

Duno yo haha . :p sorry

Anonymous: describe your perfect girl. and you're one of the hottest guys i ever seen. like asdfghjklkjh oh my gosh.. just thought i'd add that. <3

Not saying to you tell me who this is (;


Anonymous: Your age sexy?;)

15 x

Anonymous: Can u help mee??x

Yeah yo.

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